Chev. Thomas Hughes, Bishop Galeone of St. Augustine and the Chancellor at 2009 Grant Ceremonies.

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The Photo Gallery

Snapshots  of some of our members

HE the Chevalier, The Much Honoured Baron of Col-Earn & Elphinstone, General Bailey McCune NSC, GCLJ, GCrLJ, GCCStS pp,  Honourary Chieftan




The Heart of Florida Celtic Games, Dade City FL, March 31, 2012 Sponsored in part by the NSC

Display of table showing NSC Chain of Office

View of Parade Grounds from platform, flags of the Chancellor and the Society


NSC Platform with Flag and Shield of the Society

View of audience for the Parade of Bands




The First Gathering of the Society



Dinner Meeting In Charleston SC, Presentation of Insignia



Apsley Manor - Seat of the Chancery

Apsley Manor from Google Earth

The House is located with the pin, the two houses, lower left and lower right are not part of Apsley Manor, all other land is part of the estate.

Rear Deck.  The chancery office is in the building to the right, which is the library.

Rory the Red King with his poor servant, Michael Doyle Esqr (Michael is the one wearing glasses, and doing the paper-work for the 'Irish Breeds Dog Club')



The statue unveiled in Hawick (Scotland) depicts William of Rule turning the head of the bull. Legend has it that the bull was about to gore King Robert the Bruce when William of Rule turned its head away thereby saving the king's life, for which the king rewarded him with the lands of Bedrule and the name 'Turnbull'. Collins' Scottish Clan & Family Encyclopedia by George Way of Plean ... and Romilly Squire ... tell us however that the name is more likely to have its origins in the old English trumbald meaning strong or bold.


Michael Subritzky-Kusza and his sons at the annual ANZAC Celebrations


Jack & Monica Bess "Through the Ages"


and in a more casual moment



It's fun to be the Chief... our own Bailey McCune in a 2009 Civil War Re-enactment ... the uniform is that of 'Commodore of the Confederate Yacht Club' International.



Dr. Bill Hearter & Friend



Here's a current photo of 'Victoria' and 'Melbourne' at Apsley Manor. We have promised the first cygnet to be named after Mike Doyle (who lives in the country on the coast to the south-east of the city of Melbourne in the Australian State of Victoria) ... it could be years before we find out if the cygnet is a 'Michael' or a 'Michelle', but we'll just have to 'wait and see'.


On February 27 th 2010 Baron Denis Hoban N S C,C D A, C C R. attended the Irish Grand Marshal's Ball with some of my Irish friends .H E ,Declan Kelly T he Irish Ambassador to Canada and his wife attended the Ball at the Arcadian Court Toronto, also her Worship Mayor Hazel Mc Callion , Mayor of Mississauga Ontario serving as Grand Marshal of The St Patrick's Parade . What a splendid evening



Chancellor Roger Sherman and HRH Princess Katarina at Brighton during his recent visit to the United Kingdom.


Brighton Pavillion from Garden

The Burghers of Calais by Rodin, in front of the Calais City Hall (Maison de Ville)

Canterbury Cathedral

Throne Room in Dover Castle

Roger Sherman at Leeds Castle

St. Paul's Cathedral, London

St. George's Chapel on he grounds of Windsor Castle




This is such a great photo of Stuart  (from which we took his head shot) that we wanted all to see the finery!! 




Photos from the Dedication Ceremonies for the Museum of the Mission Nombre de Dios in St. Augustine Florida.

Procession of Dignitaries escorted by the KofC.

The Chapel on the Mission Grounds


Exhibit Hall


A great photo of Stuart during his visit to California.  Note the NSC neck badge amidst the finery!



The Chancellor, Roger Sherman, with singer and actress Vicki Roush at the at a performance of Phantom of the Opera at the Straz Center, Tampa, FL.

They serve together on the Hernando County Arts Council.