The Society remembers and honors the members of the Society who have left our brotherhood and joined that of God.



The Much Honored Bailey McCune of Col-Earn & Elphinstone, Baron of Elphinstone, Founding Chairman

His Grace,  Sir Ian Campbell, 12th Duke of Argyll, Noble Advisor

Dr. the Chev. Charles Prigmore  Founding Vice Chancellor

Dr. Joseph Egan

Dennis Endean Ivall, Honorary Herald

Dr. the Chev. David P. Johnson, Founding Herald

Sir Lee MacMahon, First Herald

 Hon. Steward Boone McCarty

David Rowe

HE Julius Sokolnicki, Grand Master, The Order of St. Stanislas

Chev. Michael Steeler


Please inform the Chancery of the passing of any member to update the Memorial