Crest of the Noble Society

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Current Membership

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Membership Updated as of  May 17, 2018








Honorary Chieftain -TMH Bailey Ross McCune of Col-Earn and Elphinstone, Baron of Elphinstone (NSC01H) [Arms]


Chancellor – Roger Carlton Sherman, NSC (02) [Arms]

Designated Heir - Robert Sherman Haveles


Vice Chancellor --Sir Jeffrey James Mickelson, KtB,  LMNSC (MMVII.3) [Arms]

            Designated Heir - Landon Joshua Mickelson Fielder


Deputy Chancellor  & Herald- Lt. Commander,

the Chev. Michael Joseph Quigley, USN,  LMNSC (MMXI.3)

Designated Heir & Tanist - Chad Eric Martin


Director – Thomas Paul Westgaard, NSC (03)  [Arms]

Designated Heir & Tanist - Eric Christian Westgaard


Exchecquer - Lawrence E. Slight, LMNSC (71)  [Arms]


First Herald - Kevin D. Couling, Lord of Little Neston cum Hargrave, HNSC (MMI.0) [Arms]


Secretary & Archivist of the Society - Douglas Scott Files, MD, LtColUSAF, NSC, (MMX.1) [Arms]


Director of Communications - Evan Patrick McCarthy, LMNSC, (MMXV.2)  [Arms]


Honorary Members


+ His Grace, Ian Campbell, The 12th Duke of Argyll, First Patron [Arms]


Honorary Managing Editor– Michael Roch James Doyle, HNSC (MMI.3) [Arms]


Darlene White Hollingsworth, HSC (MMXI.7) [Private Secretary to Baron Elphinstone]


Katy Lumsden, HNSC, (MMXII.5) Herald Painter, Office of the Chief Herald of Ireland  [Arms]


Scott MacMillan of Rathdown, (HNSC 1989) [Arms]


Raymond Stanley Morris of Balgonie and Edergoll, HNSC (17)


Stuart G. C. Morris of Balgonie and Edergoll, HNSC (18)



Peter O'Donoghue, York Herald &Bluemantle Pursuivant, The Royal College of Arms, London, HNSC (MMX.3)


Romilly Squire of Rubislaw, HNSC (39) [Arms]


Jim Sloan, HSC, Piper to the Chancellor (MMIII.2)


Life Members


El Cavalier Quinn Josiah Crowninshield Bradlee, FSA Scot, FRSA, LMNSC

14th Lord of Newbold-on-Stour (MMXI.08) [Arms]


Christopher Edward Chapman, JD, LMNSC (MMX.6)


Denis Anthony Hoban, Bn. LMNSC (66) [Arms]


Christopher John Brown Hoctor, LMSC (MMXII.1)  [Arms]


Edmund H. Lester, LMSC, (MMXIV.7)




Iain McIntyre-Younger, Baron of Culmullin, LMNSC (MMXI.4) [Arms]

Designated Heir - Jonathan McIntyre Younger


Dennis Edward Morgan, LMNSC (MMXIV.5)


Robert Stewart Royer JD, LMNSC, (MMX.4)


Ian Wilson Tough, LMNSC, (MMXI.5) [Traditional Arms]

Designated Heir - Fiona Claire Pestell


Matthew Stephen Whisman  LMNSC (MMXVII.5)


Julie Michelle Wilson, LMNSC, (MMXVIII.1)




Monica Janette Bess, SC, (MMVII.2)


Rev. Harold Cannon, NSC (MMXIV.3), Custodian of Insignia [Arms] 


The Rt. Rev. Louis Victor Carlson, Bishop of Elphinstone, NSC (MMIX.1)


Natalie de Clare, 4th Countess of Markland, NSC   (MMXVII.4)


Robert Stapleton Doherty, NSC (MMXIII.4)

Designated Heir - Robert Allen Doherty



Ms. Lorraine G. Ennis



Harold D. Ford, NSC (MMV.1)


Robert P. Keough, SC (MMXIV.4)


Jason Alan Krajnyak, SC  (MMXVII.3)


Anthony Stuart Nicholson, SC (MMXVI.1)



Michael Subritzky-Kusza, NSC, Contributing Editor (MMVIII.4) [Arms]


John Michael Thoma, NSC (MMII) [Arms]


Adrienne Claire Johnson Tomkins, NSC (MMXIV.6)



Joseph Uphoff, NSC (MMXIII.2) [Arms] 



Cecilia Fredericka Westgaard, Lady Kileughterco, NSC (07)



Victoria Jimmerson, NSC, (MMXVII.1)



Buddy Jimmerson, NSC, (MMXVII.2)